Enriching heritage

We explore undiscovered pieces of art to extract benefit to society and value to our clients.

Providing exposure to unique asset class.

We are looking for neglected or undiscovered pieces with intrinsic value. This isn't about flipping art for profit; it's about bringing to light pieces of art whose worth hasn't been inflated beyond reason by speculators or hype.

Zorko Art Fund currently runs one pooled fund specialising in Post-War and contemporary art.

The Fund's key objectives are:
- generating long-term capital gains for the clients;
- developing and utilizing its international art market and financial expertise for the benefit of the clients and, in turn, its own private shareholders in providing novel advisory and asset management products;
- understanding the specific and confidential requirements of the clients and assist them in diversifying their portfolios and/or promoting their passion for art.

We are committed to showcasing strategy: we conduct fine-tuned deliberate promotional activities aimed at provenance enhancement.

Zorko Platform

One of the most exciting places to discover and invest in emerging fine art artists.

Zorko Art Fund.

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, here are the best ways to connect with us

Phone : 8 (495) 646-12-29
Email : connect@zorkoartfund.com
Location : 19/37, Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya, Moscow, 115093, Russia

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